Why We Are Different

Passion, expertise, credibility, reputation, and most importantly, results for our clients. We've been closing franchise and restaurant industry transactions exclusively for over 20 years, remaining committed and tenacious in taking transactions across the finish line and achieving superior results for our clients. We don't have to get up to speed on the industry; we live it day in and day out, and our breadth of experience within the franchise and restaurant industries is unsurpassed. The ultimate success of your transaction hinges on selecting the right firm to handle your engagement. Cypress is that firm.

Our People

M&A transactions require teamwork and collaboration, both within the investment banking team and between client and advisor. When you hire Cypress, you know exactly what you are getting - a team of experienced franchise and restaurant advisors who close deals for our clients. We have been doing this for a long time because we’re good at it and we truly enjoy it. We have fun working with fellow entrepreneurs, especially franchise and restaurant owners with whom we identify.

Industry Specialization

We have maintained a singular industry focus since our inception; we are all franchising and restaurants, all the time. We are not generalists who claim to be experts in a variety of industries, so we truly know franchise and restaurant businesses inside and out. When contemplating a transaction that requires expertise in the dynamics, economics, trends, and unique nature of this unique marketplace, we are your firm. Whether your company is a well-established independent brand, an emerging chain, or a franchisee of a larger system, Cypress has the tools and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Principal Managed Engagements

A Principal of Cypress will directly manage and be actively involved as the point-person in all phases of your transaction. We assure you that your transaction will not be passed down to a junior resource to manage once it’s in the door, as often is the norm at larger firms. Our Principals' involvement and experience ensure your success and ultimately our success too.

Our Principals strongly identify with small business owners, allowing them to more intimately understand the unique goals, challenges, and needs of our clients. As a boutique firm, we have the ability to customize each assignment for the client and actively manage it through each step of the project. Our Principals immerse themselves in the details of each transaction and are available to deal with complex issues on a moment’s notice, so that you are never left asking, "Where is the person who pitched me on this engagement?"

Our Experience

We were one of the first advisory firms to specialize in middle-market transactions in the franchise and restaurant industries, with our diverse team having 60+ years of combined experience in managing a variety of transactions. We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in all types of deals and know how to identify, manage, and resolve the complicated issues that inevitably arise in these complex processes. We navigate through territory that is often unfamiliar to you and find the shortest route to a valuable conclusion. Throughout the process, we are here to assist you in avoiding common but dangerous pitfalls that frequently prevent or delay the desired outcome of a successful closing. Our understanding of industry-specific deal dynamics provides you with the benefits of creative solutions and unique strategic alternatives that ensure the ultimate success of your transaction.

The Cypress Network

At the end of the day, deals close because of relationships and trust. For over 25 years, Cypress has cultivated and maintained key industry relationships with an expansive network of companies, buyers, sellers, and capital providers. Our peers and partners respect us as industry experts and an advisory firm that always acts with integrity. By engaging us, you immediately profit from our credibility and friendships with the decision makers at key industry institutions. With these valuable relationships, we are able to streamline the transaction process, gain necessary approvals, and meet critical deadlines to ensure success.


We are proud to be an independently owned firm. We are not affiliated or aligned with any company, subsidiary, law firm, lender, or industry financial provider. As a result, you are assured unbiased representation without any conflicts of interest arising from related-party associations.